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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2017 08:54AM PST
Article: 2.00-kdb-0001 

 NLSS Gateway software version 3.6.45909 has been released.  This software is a recommended update for all NLSS Gateway users.  The update includes a number of bug fixes as well as software enhancements.  Updates are available via two methods - either by online update or through a firmware file applied directly to the gateways.

**Please note that updating is not a destructive process and all configuration should be preserved from one version to the next.  Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that the user backs up their configuration file before beginning a firmware update.

Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500
Software Affected: All software versions < 3.6.45909. 

 Updating the Gateway software via online update 



 Select Configuration → Global → Gateways from the main menu. 

 Select the Gateway from the list.  The gateway details pane is displayed. 

 Click “Check Updateâ€� in the General tab. 

 Follow the prompts to check for updated software.  If a more recent version of the Gateway’s software is found, the firmware is automatically downloaded and applied, resulting in a reboot. 


The amount of time this process takes is entirely dependant upon available bandwidth and download speeds.  Firmware files are large (~200MB) so please be patient with this process.
 Updating the software via offline file update 



 Download the latest Gateway software from the website (here ( or obtain it from an authorized NLSS representative. 

 Copy the file onto any computer connected to the same network as the NLSS Gateway. 

 In a browser, open the NLSS Web interface 

 Select Configuration → Global → Gateways from the main menu 

 Select the Gateway from the list.  The gateway details pane is displayed. 

 Click the “Firmware Updateâ€� button in the General tab to open the file uploader. 

 Click “browseâ€� to locate the firmware file on your computer. 

 Click “uploadâ€� to copy the file to the gateway and begin the update process. 


If the Gateway is running an older version, then certain intermediate versions must be installed to reach the current release: v3.0 > v3.3 > v3.6 > v4.0.
Not all versions between the current and older release have to be installed. For example, if the Gateway is running v3.0, then v3.1 and v3.2 can be skipped, and 3.3 is installed, then v3.6, then 4.0.

Once finished updating the firmware, the Gateway reboots automatically.  Depending on the amount of video stored to the Gateway, this may take a long time, so please be patient with this process.
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