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How to Factory Reset the NLSS Gateway with an unresponsive or inaccessible User Interface

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2017 08:56AM PST
Article: 2.00-kdb-0003 

 If the NLSS Gateway needs to be reset to factory values, and the NLSS web interface is no longer available and the gateway has version 2.3 firmware or later, a reset can be performed through the NLSS support console.  The support console is accessible with a digital monitor (HDMI or DVI) and a USB Keyboard. 

 Performing a factory reset 

  Be sure the NLSS Gateway power is off.  Do not pull the power or hard shut down the gateway.  Whenever possible, shut the gateway down by pressing and releasing the power button and waiting for it to shut down. 

 Connect the monitor (HDMI or DVI) to the NLSS gateway.  DO NOT use a VGA converter, as the NLSS output signal is digital and many monitors with VGA inputs do not support digital signals over VGA. 

 Connect the USB keyboard to any of the available USB ports. 

 Boot the gateway. 

 After approximately 3 minutes, the gateway will have completed booting and will show a small NLSS logo screen on the monitor. 

 Press Ctrl-alt-F6 

 The screen will now display a login prompt.  For username, use 'support' (without the quotes) and for password use 'nlss123' (without the quotes). 

 The screen will display something similar to below.  Choose option "3" to initiate the factory reset. 

 The factory reset will reset the gateway and initiate a reboot.  Upon reboot, the gateway will be set to factory settings.* 

 The default username and password for the NLSS Gateway user interface is username 'superuser and password 'superuser'. 


*Note: Factory settings mean that the gateway will boot with DHCP enabled.  Use the NLSS discovery tool to find the gateway IP address and log in.


Please choose one of the following options:

1--Show local IP Address

2--Enable/disable ssh


4--Display software version

5--Initiate Check Update

6--Initiate NLSS Support Session

7--Close all NLSS Support Sessions





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