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How to discover NLSS devices in Apple OSX

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 03:34PM PST
Article: 1.00-kdb-0001 

 NLSS has built a discovery tool for Windows users to be able to discover the IP address of NLSS devices, but what if you're using Apple OSX?

NLSS Devices run a discovery program called Bonjour (Apple's implementation of Zero configuration networking).  NLSS Devices will respond to Bonjour queries from any Bonjour discovery tool.  Apple has built a Bonjour discovery tool into the Sarari Web Browser that can be leveraged to discover any NLSS devices on the same Layer 2 network.

Layer 2 networks are those which are generally within the same physical network.  Bonjour is a multicast protocol, and most routers do not route multicast traffic, by default.  Therefore, you are likely only to discover a NLSS device within the same physical network your computer is connected to.

Hardware Affected: GW500, GW3000, GW4000, GW4500, GW5000, DC400, DC400-2
Software Affected: 2.0 or greater 


 Using Safari to Discover an NLSS Device 


  From the applications folder, open Safari 

 Depending on your version of operating system, you may need to enable Bonjour Browser in your toolbar.  Go to Preferences, choose Bookmarks, and under “Bookmarks Barâ€� make sure to click the check box next to “include Bonjourâ€�. 

 Exit preferences and you should now see “Bonjourâ€� in your apple toolbar.  Click this and you should see your NLSS Device in the menu. 

 If you still cannot see you your NLSS Device, please refer back to the support section.

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