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How do I get License Plate Recognition to work?

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 03:36PM PST
Basic requirement:
The license plate has to be at least 60 pixel high, 50 pixel text height and clearly seen in the scene, with less than 5 degree tilt. 

 Processing time:

  Need at least 2 seconds to validate a license plate
The license plate has to appear in front of the camera for at least 2 seconds before getting a bounding boxes around. 

 Need at least 5-10 seconds to recognize the license string
After license plate validation, it needs at least 5-10 seconds to recognize the string, and shoot out a "license captured" event. 


 Event search:
The license string can be searched in events page by putting partial license text in the "event notes" field. 

 Target scene:
The current assumption is that a vehicle always slowly drives (<10 mph) to the ATM machine, and stays still for more than 1 minute doing the ATM operations, and slowly drive away. 

 License plate frame:
If there is a plate frame (border) installed for the license plate. The plate frame should not cover the license string itself. 

 Zone setting:
Smaller target zone results in faster process time. It is suggested not to enable the camera time stamp overlay. The time stamp in the video stream will obviously decrease the LPR accuracy. 

 LPR on moving vehicle:
LPR on moving vehicle is under development but won't be there any time before February. (post 3.2)

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