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How to connect to unsupported cameras

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 03:38PM PST

Article: 1.00-kdb-0002 

While NLSS strives to support as many camera vendors as we can, it is simply not possible to support all of them.  And while ONVIF is finding its way into more and more cameras, some cameras still don’t support the standard.  However, most newer cameras DO support RTSP streaming (upon which ONVIF is built), thereby enabling NLSS devices to still potentially be able to stream from these cameras.  This article aims to go through the steps of connecting to a non supported camera via RTSP

Hardware Affected: GW6000, GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500, DC400, DC400-2
Software Affected: All
 Make sure your devices are up to date 

  If you are trying to use the NLSS Decoder or the Gatway, make sure it is up to date.  This can be accomplished in two ways - either through the online “check updateâ€� or manually via “firmware updateâ€�.  Further help can be found in the NLSS Knowledge Base on this. 

 Similarly, make sure that your camera is up to date.  Camera firmware updates can be obtained directly from your camera manufacturer. 

Add the RTSP stream manually 

  Frequently, it is difficult to tell what the RTSP stream URL is supposed to be for various camera manufacturers.  Generally speaking, the URL is NOT just the IP address, but in fact it is something much more involved and complex.  A great resource for finding these URL’s can be found on  You can search by camera manufacturer and find the specific URL for the specific camera model that you have. 

 If you are unable to find this URL, then inquiring with the camera manufacturer directly is the next best method. 

 Adding this URL to the decoder and getting streaming to work is done by adding a stream, then adding that stream to a channel. For detailed instructions, please see the decoder user guide here ( ( and refer to page 35 

If it still doesn’t work 

  If you are still unable to get the camera to work within Next Level, then the best troubleshooting step is to try something other than Next Level so see if the problem lies with NLSS, or with the camera (or something in between - like the network).  This is most easily accomplished with a third party, open source program called VLC (  See this linked article ( on how to do advanced camera connection troubleshooting with VLC ( 

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