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How to generate a token for RMS for adding a Gateway

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 05:00PM PST
Articler: 2.01-kdb-0002 

When adding a new NLSS gateway to an organization, the gateway must be registered with RMS.  This is accomplished through a simple procedure of generating a token and applying the token to your NLSS Gateway.  The following describes how to apply this procedure.

Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500
Software Affected: All
 Generate a new token 


  Tokens are generated in your NLSS subdomain.  Your NLSS Subdomain is usually that of your integrator.  For example, “Sample Securityâ€� is the integrator, and the customer is “fbaâ€�. See screenshots below. 


 â€‹NOTE: If you do not use a subdomain, simply go to 


  Fill out the form appropriately, ensuring that you’ve included all the necessary information. 

 Click submit and you will be provided with a new token. 




 Apply this token to your NLSS Gateways 


  Log into your NLSS Gateway via the IP address. 

 Navigate to Configuration → Global → Subscriptions 

 Click the “addâ€� button 

 From the dropdown choose Subscription type “RMSâ€� 

 Enter the token and click save.​ 

 Your NLSS Gateway will not connect to RMS, then reboot, so please be sure to be patient with this process.  Take note of any errors in this process.

For help with any issues, please see this article.

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