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Axis Encoder Discovery in 3.2 and above

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 05:02PM PST
Article: 2.00-kdb-0005 

 In the latest 3.2 firmware release, certain Axis supported encoders have changed in the method of discovery and connection with the Gateway Security System. The encoder models listed below now discover each stream from the encoder as if it were an individual camera and will populate them in the Configuration>Video>Camera inventory list section.  

Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500
Axis Encoders: M70 series, 241Q/A, 243, 247S, 283 blades
Software Affected: 3.2.34452 or above
 After Configuration of the Axis Encoder, proceed as follows: 


  Verify all network settings on both the encoders and the Next Level Gateway are situated on the same subnet to allow for easy discovery of the Axis encoders. 

 Navigate to the Configuration>Video>Cameras section. 

 As long as all network settings have been setup properly, you should now see each camera that has been connected to one of the encoders in the Cameras List area. 

 Select a camera in the list, go to the Camera Details section, change the Admin State to ‘In Service’, enter the encoders username and password, and save.  

 Go to the Recording tab and select the desired schedule you would like the camera to record on. 

  For those who already had encoders configured prior to 3.2: 

Prior to 3.2, we did not support receiving all streams from the M70 series encoders upon discovery. Therefore, cameras coming from these encoders had to be added as an RTSP stream. If you prefer to use the new method above for enabling ALL the streams coming from the encoder, you can choose to do so. However, after you put all the newly discovered camera streams In Service and enable recording, we STRONGLY suggest simply changing the RTSP streams that you previously configured to the ‘Out of Service’ state. This will allow you to keep all the archived video that has been recorded from the RTSP streams until enough time has passed in which the new cameras will have recorded over the video from the RTSP streams. IF you choose to delete the old RTSP streams,  WARNING! YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF ITS ARCHIVED VIDEO.

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