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Quick Guide to Initial Setup of Users and Roles

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 05:09PM PST
Article: 2.01-kdb-0003 

 This quick start guide will detail the process of how the Master User can quickly and easily add roles and users to Cloud Services to allow others to access the gateways remotely.

Upon setting up your Cloud Services organization and registering your gateway systems, the first user that will be allowed to login and begin configuration, is the Master User. The Master User is the person with the email address that was submitted upon initially setting up the Cloud Services organization. 

Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500
Software Affected: 3.1.30856 or above

Cloning Roles
The default roles listed cannot be edited, removed or assigned. Therefore, you will need to “cloneâ€� a new role based off of a default role that you will assign to a particular user. 


 Navigate to the Configuration>Permissions>Roles section. 



 Select any desired default role(excluding Master) and in the bottom half, under Role Details, choose the “Clone Roleâ€� option. 



 The cloned role will now display in the inventory list up top. Select this role in the list, and under the Role Details section, choose each tab (i.e. RMS Modules) and notice you will have a list of permission options that you can customize for this role. 




 Note: If you created roles locally on the gateway system before registering it to Cloud Services, you MUST re-configure these cloned roles because they will be defaulted with NO privileges when synced to the cloud. 



 After you have created and edited(optional) the cloned role, you will need to transfer this role to your desired sites(gateways) that you have registered. 



 When you select the Transfer option, it will open up an RMS Transfer Que window. All your available sites will be listed on the left. Select the desired sites and move them into the right box and choose “Sendâ€� 



 Hit the green refresh icon in the top left part of the Transfer Que window to update the status. 



 A successful Transfer should have a green dot and read “Transferredâ€� 


Note: If you get a red dot with an error, hover your mouse over the error and it will provide you with some feedback as to why the error occurred.  


 Adding a New User 



 Navigate to the Configuration>Permissions>Users section. 



 Select Add. 



 Fill in the fields that are required (boxes are outline in red). 


Note: The User ID must be in an email format, preferably a valid email address in case this user needs to reset their password. 



 Select the desired cloned role that you have created and then save. 



 Choose the Transfer option and move the appropriate sites into the right box and select “Sendâ€� 



 Refresh the transfer status. Successful transfer should read “Transferredâ€� with a green dot. 



 Now log out as the Master User, and verify that you can login with the newly created User and drill down to the local gateway level by selecting your desired site on the map. 



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