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How to setup Email Notifications using Event Linkages

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 04:58AM PST
Article: 1.03.kdb-0004 

 The Next Level Gateway consists of Event Types and Event Severities that have been predefined with default configurations. By default, the two Event Severities, Critical and Emergency, will send emails upon all Event Types that have been associated with these severities. Furthermore, you have the ability to edit ALL the Event Types and which Severity you would like it to be associated with.  


 This can become extremely helpful, for example, when you want to be notified anytime a camera goes offline. If you were to create an event linkage to be notified by email for cameras going offline (see this KB article:, you would have to create a separate event linkage for EVERY camera on the system. With the event severity email notification method, all you would simply have to do is change the event type “Camera Offlineâ€� to have a severity of either Critical or Emergency. Now, when that event occurs on the system, it will send an email notification to the registered email addresses that has been configured onto the system. 


The below process will describe the steps to get this functionality working for you.

Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500
Software Affected: 2.3 or above

Setting up the Email Address for notifications
  Navigate to the Configuration>Global>Gateways section.  

 Choose the ‘Email’ tab  

 Check the ‘Send Email Notification’ box  

 Enter in the desired Recipient Email address.  

 Select ‘Save’​ 

Note: Select the ‘Test’ option to verify you will successfully receive emails from the gateway. If in any case you do not receive the test email, this can be related to the network blocking SMTP traffic on port 25, or you may have to use an SMTP server if there has been one configured on the network that the gateway is connected to. Lastly, check your spam folder in your email account.


 Changing the Event Type to a Critical/Emergency Severity level 



  Navigate to the Configuration>Global>Event Types section  

 Now or Scroll or Search for the ‘Camera’ Category  

 Under the ‘Event Type Name’ field, choose the Offline option  

 In the Event Type Details on the bottom half of the browser window, select the Severity drop down menu and choose either Critical or Emergency.  

 Select ‘Save’​ 

Now, every time this event occurs on the system, it will be tagged with a Critical or Emergency severity level and will email the configured recipient with this notification.
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