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Unlock Doors Automatically upon Input Active from Mercury Board

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 05:03AM PST
Article: 5.00-kdb-0005 

 This article will explain how you can use a Mercury board auxiliary input in an Access Control setup on the Gateway to unlock all the doors when the input is set to active. For instance, you could wire a fire alarm panel that could trigger the Mercury input active if in a state of an emergency. In the example below, I will demonstrate how to use an extra EP1502 input that will create an event in order to send an unlock trigger to all the doors. 


 WARNING: It is strongly suggested that you test this setup to assure that it works properly and as desired. The Gateway and Access Control setup is completely network based, which means that if the network were to go down, this setup would not work as described. 


 Hardware Affected: GW5000, GW4500, GW4000, GW3000, GW500 

 Mercury Hardware supported: EP1501, EP1502, MR52, MR51e, IOM16in 

 Software Affected: 3.1 or above 


 Wire the device(i.e. fire alarm panel) into an unused input on one of the supported Mercury boards and enable it on the NLSS Gateway  


  In my case, I am using the 1502 input 6  

 Navigate to the Configuration>Global>Access Control>Reader Interfaces section  

 In the details section, choose the Aux Input tab  

 Select the desired input from the Aux Inputs Available section  

 From the Enabled: drop down menu and choose the 'Enabled' option  


  Create an ACDoorUnlock and ACDoorRelock ‘Action’ 


  Navigate to the Configuration>Global>Action section   

 Select ‘Add’   

 Enter an Action Name  

 From the Action Type drop down menu, choose ‘ACDoorUnlock’ 

 In the ‘Door’ section, choose your desired door  


 REPEAT steps 2 through 6 for ALL remaining doors  

 To have ALL the doors relock after the input becomes inactive, repeat steps 2 through 6 again; however, this time in step 4, from the drop down menu you’ll choose the ‘ACDoorRelock’ option 

       Note: Every door must have its OWN action in order for this to properly work. 


 Create an Event Linkage that will trigger your Actions 


  Navigate to the Configuration>Global>Event Linkages section  

 Select ‘Add’  

 Enter an Event Linkage Name  

 From the Event Category drop down menu, choose ‘Access Control’ 

 From the Event Type drop down menu, choose ‘Input Active’ 

 From the Event Schedule drop down menu, choose your desired schedule 

 In the Event Source section, choose the Input that you have wired the fire alarm panel to 

 In the Available Actions section, choose ALL actions that have been created to UNLOCK doors. Move them over into the ‘Selected Actions’ section. 


  To relock all the doors after the input has become inactive, repeat steps 2 through 9; however, in Step 5 you will choose the ‘Input Inactive’ Event Type, and in Step 8, you will move all the Available Actions that have been created to RE-LOCK doors into the ‘Selected Actions’ section. 


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