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Isolate which cameras a User sees

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 06:00AM PST
Controlling access to certain camera's for certain users is achieved thru Multiviews function of the NLSS RMS service. To sign up for RMS service, contact your System's Integrator. For the following steps, remember to hit SAVE before changing to the next Tab.

  Create a Multi-View, with the camera's that you would like the user to see,  on RMS --> Operations --> Multi-View 

 Go to Configuration --> Permissions --> Groups
​Create a new group by clicking on the " + " sign at the bottom of the Groups column
Rename the Group to the desired name

 From the Right Hand Side of the Column list for Device Types, Select "MultiView"
Select the MultiView we created in step 1 and move it left to the Devices column. 

 From the Left Hand Menu, select "Roles"
Select the Operator Role
Click on Clone Role
Rename the "Operator Clone_0" if desired 

 Now we edit the "Operator Clone_0" role
Click on the RMS Modules Tab
Click on Operations
Verify that only the Operations & Groups are selected in the View Column 

 Click on RMS Groups Tab
Verify that only the Group we created in Step 2 is selected 

 Click on Gateway Modules Tab
Click on Operations, ONLY the Camera's checkbox should be selected. 

 Click on Gateway Functions Tab
Nothing should be checked under this tab. 


 Go back to General Tab and transfer the role to the gateway 

 From Configuration --> Permissions --> Users
Add a new user & assign the role created in Steps 4 & 5 

 Transfer this user to the desired Gateway.

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